QuantumWise Japan KK

QuantumWise Japan KK is the first overseas subsidiary of QuantumWise A/S. It was established on September 1st 2011 to handle sales and support of Japanese customers. The subsidiary provides high-level technical and scientific support to our ever growing customer-base in Japan.

Integrated Microsystem

Integrated Microsystem, India, is a professional sales/technical support company specializing in high-end technology EDA tools and CMOS/MEMS fabrication services for the education, commercial and R&D sectors.


FermiTech (Beijing) Co. Ltd. is a software and service provider in China. It provides professional-level technical consulting and support on molecular and nano-scale materials simulation.


Pitotech is a leading technology, product and knowledge provider headquartered in Taiwan. Their experienced engineers deliver high-quality solutions and service to fulfill customers' requirements.


Softline assists us with sales and marketing in Russia and the CIS countries.