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  • QuantumWise will be at CMOS Emerging Technologies Research in Vancouver

    May 15 2015

    Anders Blom will give an invited talk at the CMOS Emerging Technologies Research conference in Vancouver, Canada, which takes place from 20-22 of May. Anders' talk will be on Wednesday at 10:30 am and has the title First-principles Simulations of Semiconductor Materials and Devices - Recent Progress and Remaining Challenges.


    "QuantumWise is developing a modern, commercial software package for atomic-scale simulations which puts state-of-the-art methods in the hands of industrial R&D divisions. This enables companies to systematically investigate new materials - both exotic options like graphene and more common options like III-V random alloys - and to model novel architectures like tunnel FETs, nanowires, or spintronic device. A strong focus is placed on ease of use and the package encompasses a wide range of methods to enable users to address problems related to electronic, optical, mechanical and thermal properties."

    For more information, please visit the conference website.

  • New open position: GUI software developer

    Apr 18 2015

    QuantumWise A/S is seeking a GUI software developer for our Virtual NanoLab development team in Copenhagen.

  • Patrick Scaglia enters QuantumWise board of directors

    Feb 18 2015

    Silicon Valley top executive assesses the huge market potential of Danish nanotech software

    Former Vice President of Hewlett-Packard and Cadence Patrick Scaglia is a new member of the board of the Danish company QuantumWise A/S, whose products are used today by the world's electronics giants for computer simulations of new electronic circuits on the nanoscale.

  • Survey from QuantumWise

    Feb 02 2015

    A survey was sent out over the weekend to a large number of ATK and Virtual NanoLab users, mainly to persons who requested a trial license.

    We hereby confirm that the email is not spam, and it is correct that you can obtain an extended trial license by completing the survey.

    The survey was formulated by a small group of master students from Judge Business School in Cambridge, UK, who work as consultants for QuantumWise. Unfortunately, they didn't double-check the content of the email and survey with us before sending it out, resulting in a misspelling of Virtual NanoLab throughout the email and survey, and other minor mistakes.

    Despite these unfortunate mistakes we appreciate all completed forms, which we can use to improve the quality and user experience of our products. If you have additional questions about the survey, please contact .