Comments on QuantumHagen 2014

“Useful talks and hands-on tutorial.”


“In addition to expected meetings, met a number of colleagues that I did not expect and "needed" to meet. Size and scope are just right.”


“I enjoyed the many excellent talks of leading experts in the field of quantum transport. Keep the level of contributions at such a high level and it is definitely worth coming again.”


“It is very impressive to learn that theoretical simulations are playing an important role in advancing modern science and technology, and that so many people are doing great jobs in their field.”


“I saw how nowadays qauntum physics and quantum simulations are used for designing and better understanding of nanodevices. I have learnt about related advanced software packages.”



Workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark on July 1-3 2014

Electronic devices are rapidly approaching the atomic scale, and there is a need for new simulation tools. It is a challenge for atomic-scale modeling techniques to address the system size and accuracy needed for semiconductor device applications.


In this workshop we will assemble some of the key academic and industrial players in the field, who will present the current state of the art and future challenges. There will be a poster session for which you are welcome to submit an abstract before May 1, 2014.


The workshop will take place in Copenhagen July 1-3, 2014. The full program will be announced in early 2014. Participants may also attend a hands-on tutorial for the ATK software which will take place July 3, 2014.


The workshop is open to both industrial and academic researchers/students in the field.


Hope to see you in Copenhagen!

Mads Brandbyge (DTU Nanotech) and Kurt Stokbro (QuantumWise)


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Confirmed Speakers

Workshop Topics

Muhmmad Shah Alam (AMU)

Sergey Barabash (Intermolecular)

Jerry Bernholc (North Carolina State University)

Anders Blom (QuantumWise)

Volker Blum (Duke University)

Mads Brandbyge (DTU Nanotech)

Fabian Bufler (Synopsys)

Jan Hamaekers (Fraunhofer SCAI)

Hannes Jonsson (University of Iceland)

Gerhard Klimeck (University of Purdue)

Xin Li (KTH)

Mathieu Luisier (ETH Zürich)

Troels Markussen (QuantumWise)

Branislav Nikolic (University of Delaware)

Geoffroy Pourtois  (IMEC)

Gian-Marco Rignanese (U. Catholique de Louvain)

Alexander Shluger (University College London)

Andrey Solov'yov (MBN Research Center)

Ewan Towie (Gold Standard Simulations)

Tejs Vegge (DTU)

Andreas Zienert (Technische U. Chemnitz)

Atomic-scale simulations of nanoscale devices


NEGF simulations of semiconductor devices


Simulations of III-V materials and InGaAs alloys


First principles predictions of semiconductor band structures


Advances in automated calculations of reaction barriers


Advances in classical potentials for semiconductor materials


State of the art in parallel algorithms for quantum simulations