QuantumWise Japan KK

QuantumWise Japan KK is the first overseas subsidiary of QuantumWise A/S. It was established on September 1st 2011 to handle sales and support of Japanese customers. The subsidiary provides high-level technical and scientific support to our ever growing customer-base in Japan.

Integrated Microsystem

Integrated Microsystem, India, is a professional sales/technical support company specializing in high-end technology EDA tools and CMOS/MEMS fabrication services for the education, commercial and R&D sectors.


FermiTech (Beijing) Co. Ltd. is a software and service provider in China. It provides professional-level technical consulting and support on molecular and nano-scale materials simulation.


Pitotech is a leading technology, product and knowledge provider headquartered in Taiwan. Their experienced engineers deliver high-quality solutions and service to fulfill customers' requirements.

UIT Solutions

UIT Solutions assists us with sales and marketing in South Korea.


Softline assists us with sales and marketing in Russia and the CIS countries.

Seascape Learning

Seascape Learning LLC is a science-focused company offering computational science software, research consulting and software services for pharma, biotech, materials and nanotechnology needs. Seascape operates mainly in the US and in India.